Record Management and Record Retention Course

The course focuses on using records management and archiving as a tool for supporting organization’s business processes.


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What's Included

  • 38 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion

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What you'll learn

  • Learn comprehensive knowledge of records and archives management
  • Understand how to monitor and have effective control of the movement of records
  • Create and implement a records management roadmap and framework
  • Learn the skills to manage and preserve records
  • Obtain knowledge on how to digitalize and manage electronic records
  • Manage the process of digitalizing records and archiving electronic files
  • Learn the usage of Records management software and technologies
  • Understanding retention processes and setting retention schedules
  • Implement a compliant records destruction process
  • Understand the different types of records and the risks associated with it
  • Implement effective audit and compliance programs

Course Curriculum

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38 Lectures



What does Records Management mean? Records Management is an area of management responsible for the well-organized and systematic control of the creation, retention, conservation, utilization, and disposition of records.

The process also includes obtaining and retaining data and information that arises from those records and other business transactions. Records Retention is part of Records Management.

With the increase in uncertainty, organizations are more and more focused on business continuity plans and risk-mitigation plans that require major support of structured data and records management. Records Management can empower your organization to be more profitable, more compliant, and even decrease operational costs



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