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How would you like to get an abundance of organic traffic directly to your website? In this SEO masterclass, you will learn exactly how to optimize your website so you can show up on Google

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Course overview

We start by defining these abbreviations; SEO stands for search engine optimization. Do you have a website? Most people in business today have a website- actually almost all your competitors have websites. So how do you get your site to be outstanding? Now that’s where SEO comes in.

Having a website is one thing, but gaining from the same is the key thing. SEO is the way to make your right target aware that you have a website.

SEO Training in Kenya

You will learn how to get the right traffic for your business, both in quality and quantity. SEO helps you gain the most from your website. Come learn how to have your website rank on top of your competitors. We start you with the introduction and take you to step by step practically to the advanced level.

With search engine optimization, you don’t need to spend vast amounts of money on advertising. Instead, simply perform an SEO check on your website. Once Google sees that your website is relevant and trustworthy, it will assign you a better ranking so you get more free traffic. As Google is the go-to search engine and processes more than 8.5 billion searches per day, you want to rank as high as possible. Ranking high on Google search results will potentially drive significant traffic to your site.

Ranking factors are the reason you need to pay close attention during this Masterclass. Google’s search algorithms are constantly evolving, and you want to be ahead by understanding them. Algorithms deliver the most relevant content for a more satisfying user experience.

You need to know that one of the most crucial ranking factors is page speed, from page load time to website security. How long it takes a web page to load will help your site rank higher in search results.

Learn to monitor your site’s performance regularly and use speed-analysis tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights and the Pingdom Speed Test to understand how well your site performs. Mobile-friendliness is also essential.

You need a responsive design where the website elements automatically adjust to any device and screen size. Learn how to apply Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which will help measure your site’s usability, and hopefully rank you higher on the search results.

Then, the course will guide you on how to compile high-quality content, which is unique and original. Specific content attracts more visitors to your site and improves visibility. Relevant and factual information, as well as answering particular queries, are critical as Google evaluates the content’s length, structure, appropriate keywords, and information.

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are found on other sites and link to your website, indicating your site’s authority on a subject. If a web page has quality links on its site, this helps rank you higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

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What will I learn?

  • One will be able to present an appreciation of emerging best practices in SEO
  • Build your website SEO Plan 
  • Track your progress with the SEO and keep your website optimized
  • laptop
  • Basic Computer Skills
  • Basic Browsing Skills
Curriculum for this course
19 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Introduction to SEO
4 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • What is SEO
  • Components of SEO
  • SEO Fundamentals
  • SEO Practices
  • How Important is SEO
  • On Page Optimization Techniques For Better Ranking
  • SEO Trends to Follow
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Overview
  • Role of Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Forum Submission
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Question & Answer
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Infographics Submission
  • Doccument Sharing
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