The covid-19 crisis has definitely affected all spheres of life. From our work places, to our businesses, our social behaviours and even family relationships. The digital sector has not been left out! However, the impact that the pandemic has had on the digital world is to a great extent positive. This is because when all the other forms of business failed, only the internet stood. People bought almost everything online by placing orders which would have to be delivered at their door steps for fear of movement and infections. 

Although such purchases have been minimal owing to the fact that the economic times have forced people to only buy the essentials, people in digital transactions have been able to survive through. Presently, life calls for people to be engaged more, but there is still the virus so one can’t just get out there and involve themselves in some activities.

One area that has been affected badly is learning, from the play groups all the way up to universities. Do we continue resting and waiting patiently until things get back to normal? One would have said, Yes except for the fact that none of us knows when exactly that normal will be coming back. Again, we don’t know whether it will ever come.

That means that whatever is to be done must be done from this moment. It’s not a time to push your dreams forward; this is not a moment to stay home, watch and forget even what you knew before. You got to rise up and build yourself through the available opportunities.

The objective should now be simple; how we can leverage on the opportunities still available using the various digital strategies. And how much of these strategies do we know? Now that is the question we all need to ask ourselves.

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