You've got questions; we have answers. That's just how it goes in the SEO industry. So, when I was asked " How much does SEO training cost? " By someone who had been checking out our Search Engine Optimization training program, I wanted to make sure that not only did they learn everything they needed, but that they really understood what went into our SEO course package.

The SEO Training program that I mentioned costs around ksh 6500 for a full

year of unlimited access, but what I wanted to make sure this person

knew is that with that purchase comes a lot more than just an SEO training

guide. When you buy the Search Engine Optimization training program, you get

all the following:

* Lifetime access to all 15 modules of the program

* Unlimited live Q&A with our SEO expert and mentor,

* Access to 15 workbooks that further explain every aspect of

SEO step-by-step

* Access to a private members forum with other students in the

a program where you can discuss any questions you might have with fellow students

* 24/7 support via email in case you have any questions about

the program or SEO in general while you work your way through the modules

* The ability to download every video, audio file, PDF and

presentation for offline use

What are the Benefits of SEO Course?

So, although I hadn't answered that person's original question

" How much does SEO training cost? " I knew they understood that they

we’re getting a lot for their money. This is why I have no problem saying that

the Search Engine Optimization training program is an excellent value at $297 for a

a whole year of unlimited access (check out some of the reviews of our SEM course

package here), but when we decided to offer the SEO training program for only

Sh 6500, it was an absolute no-brainer.

If you're looking to learn about search engine optimization and

all the aspects that make up a successful SEO campaign, this one-of-a-kind guide is perfect for beginners and intermediate-level students.

And at ksh 6500, it's too good to pass up.