Video Production and Editing.

You will learn video production process from pre-production, production and post-production stages. How to compose your video shots and learn different editing techniques.

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18 Lectures


Introduction to video production. 0 Lectures
Video Production Workflow. 0 Lectures
Importing, Capturing and Managing Assets. 0 Lectures
Working With Audio. 0 Lectures
Working With Audio and Video Tracks. 0 Lectures
Video Editing. 0 Lectures
Animation and Motion Effects. 0 Lectures
Introduction to Audio Editing. 0 Lectures


  • A camera and a laptop.


After completion of the course,you will be able to make professional videos using camera techniques and movements. Scriptwriting and be familiar with workflow involved in the stages of video production,in addition, you will be able to learn editing techniques  using  Adobe Premier and Song Vegas Pro editing sofware.


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Paul Thoronjo

Video Production and Editing Trainer
Am a professional video production and editing trainer, with experience spanning over five years.A graduate, having worked with Standard Media Group among other organisations. A professional video content creator and a member Media Council of Kenya.
Be sure to tap into my knowledge,experience and expertise as i train you with the necessary skills to propel you to the next level of your career.

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