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Welcome to master class on content marketing and how it helps to grow your business.

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  • 9 Lectures
  • 1 Assignments
  • 1 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion

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What you'll learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of content marketing and how to use content effectively at each stage of a digital marketing strategy.
  • How to Create and curate compelling content and brand storytelling.

Course Curriculum

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9 Lectures



  • i) A computer/ laptop.
  • iii) Access to reliable internet.


This course covers content creation, content promotion, copywriting, SEO, email marketing, & more.

My name is Alphonce Juma and I have spent more than a decade working with clients and managing big projects that have grown based on the content strategies that I have adopted.

In this course, you'll learn exactly what it takes to plan and execute a content marketing strategy that drives your business forward. By the end, you'll have all the tools you need to successfully market your products and services in the digital age.

Here are some of the things we'll cover:

-       Classic marketing fundamentals: basic principles from the "old world" of marketing that you'll need to understand for this course. Beginners are welcome here!

-       Content marketing essentials: what content marketing is, how it works, how to tell a compelling story, and how to create detailed buyer personas to guide your approach.

-       Web design: how to optimize your website for content marketing and build a well-oiled, lead-generating machine.

-       Generating content ideas: develop a system for getting to know your audience and consistently generating new content ideas.

-       Copywriting: we'll discuss why effective writing is so important, and you'll learn all about headlines, structure, vocabulary, tone, calls-to-action, editing, as well as a number of tips to help you become a better writer overall.

-       Types of content: learn about the most effective types of content, and see more than a dozen specific content ideas that you can steal and apply to your own strategy.

-       Content formats & repurposing: get familiar with various content formats and learn how to create an endless stream of fresh content simply by repurposing what you've already created.

-       Seo (search engine optimization): everything you need to know to optimize your site for search engines and drive free, organic search traffic to your content.

-       Content promotion: learn to actively promote your content and drive traffic from a variety of sources.

-       Email marketing: use valuable opt-in incentives to grow your email list, bring people into your sales funnel, and build deeper relationships with your audience.

-       External marketing channels: learn how platforms like facebook, twitter, and instagram can tie right into your overall content strategy.

-       Measuring your results: collect and analyze data to measure the results of your content marketing efforts, and ensure that you're always making progress toward your goals.

As you can see, this course covers a lot of ground, and you should walk away with a professional-level understanding of how to market products and services in the modern world. You can apply this knowledge to grow your own business, or to boost your marketing career with your employer or clients.

I think you're going to love this course. With all of that in mind, I am looking forward to seeing you inside!



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