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3 Lectures


Introduction to Copywriting 1 Lectures
How To Get First Writing Job 1 Lectures
Marketing Your Writing Business 1 Lectures


About The Course

First, I would like to congratulate you in advance for checking this website. Here, you connect with online warriors and professionals. I believe you may want to join my mentorship because you have a dream you need to pursue and you believe we can fly together. For now, I don't know exactly who you are and the specific vision you have within the online space.
I guess there is an inner force that keeps taking you back when you think of online opportunities. Maybe it because you don't have money, mentor, or you are scared because of online frauds.
I know that failures are intimidating, and being part of my candidates will be your breakthrough. Before beginning our training, I do shed some light on my students that might make you hate me now and even in the future.
My exercises are not for lazy people. People who cant take assignments seriously and not able to try out the skills by themselves. There is no quick scheme for making money if you are not able to work hard.
Who is Ayege Movine?
I was in the same position as you are today; I was wondering how to begin my online career. I approached so many people, and they were hanging up my calls, not replying to my messages. After all frustrations, I met my mentor on Facebook the way we just connected with you on this platform.
He took full responsibility to train me on online opportunities and how I can make money. It was not an easy task. It took me time to get my first client( I don't want you to experience some of the mistakes I did). And eventually, "boom" got my first paying client, and my motivation picked momentum.
I decided to use the same mistakes to incite my candidates to work extra harder. I don't want to fill your mind with a lot of stories. More you'll learn as we dive deeper.
Click Here to check on some insights posted on my timeline to help you begin.
Again read this-7 Skills To Help You Begin your Online Career
3 Powerful Tips To Help You Achieve Your Dream
The above three are your starters' pack. Take time to read them before we commence with our training.
I train in the following areas:

Digital Marketing



Article and Creative Writing

In my next lesson, I will introduce you to article writing since it is the foundation of everything. Let's connect!


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