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Hello viewer. Today let me answer one of the toughest yet simple questions that I get almost every day. What exactly is email marketing and how is it done?

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What's Included

  • 12 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion

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What you'll learn

  • Course Objectives
  • After completing this training course on email marketing, you'll be able to:
  • Making an successful email marketing strategy accessible from preparation to delivery
  • Grow up an opt-in list which maintains interest and drives income
  • Understand why design , construction and content can make or break your ROI
  • Attempt advanced methods to develop a high-impact, cost-effective email marketing strategy

Course Curriculum

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12 Lectures


Email Marketing Fundamentals 1 Lectures
Types of Email Campaigns 3 Lectures
Essentials Components of Email Marketing: 0 Lectures
Building an Email List/ Database 2 Lectures
Choosing an Email Marketing Service Platform (ESP) 1 Lectures
Email Reports and Reporting 1 Lectures
How to improve Your Open & Delivery Rate of Your Email Marketing Campaigns. 1 Lectures


  • Basic Computer Skills.
  • Basic Browsing Skills.
  • Computer, Laptop or Tablet with Stable internet Connection.


Maybe you are lucky to have some information regarding email marketing from your digital marketing knowledge here and there, but you could be as green knowing absolutely nothing about it. 

In either case, OraDMT is here for you, we have prepared a whole course on email marketing to help you not only have some more information on the topic, but also a full understanding of the same.

You will never do a complete digital marketing without the incorporation of email marketing. Do you know why? Not everyone is on facebook; not everyone is on whatsapp; not everyone is on twitter and still not everyone is on instagram. But, i can tell you for sure- everyone you are interested in has an email. The faster you learn how to maximize that finding, the better for your business.

Join us today, spare your next 1-2 weeks for the email marketing course and learn how you can grow your business within no time using people’s emails. We show you how to grow your email list, the right tools to use, how to email your list securely amongst other email marketing hacks.



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